How Can A Dock Builder Make This Outdoor Space More Functional And Enjoyable?

Usually, the dock is a simple outdoor space—a platform for your boat, a spot to enjoy the water, and maybe a few benches for sitting. But what if you could make this space more functional and enjoyable so that it's a valuable extension of your home, an outdoor oasis, and a place to entertain friends and family? A well-built dock can increase the value of waterfront property by thousands of dollars. This article discusses upgrades your dock builder can offer you.

1. Modern Decking Options

Gone are the days of just using basic wood planks for dock decking. Today's options include composite decking, which is made from a combination of wood and plastic and is extremely durable and low-maintenance.

A floating dock builder can also opt for PVC decking, which is made from plastic and is even more durable and low-maintenance than composite decking. These options offer more durability and longevity.

2. Lighting

Adding lighting to your dock improves its safety and functionality. You can opt for low-voltage LED lights, which are energy-efficient and long-lasting, or solar-powered lights, which are eco-friendly and easy to install. With lighting, you can enjoy your dock at night and extend the time you spend on the water.

3. Water and Electricity Supply

Your dock builder should make water and electricity connections to the dock. A water supply is essential for cleaning fish, filling up your boat, or even taking a shower after a swim. 

An electric supply is great for powering your boat and your lights and even for charging your devices. These services are not only practical but also add functionality to your dock.

4. Benches and Seating

Benches and seating provide a place to sit and relax and also add aesthetic appeal to your dock. You can opt for built-in benches or even add a swing or hammock for a more relaxed feel. With benches and seating, you can enjoy your dock even more and invite friends and family over for a summer party.

5. Weather Protection

This can be in the form of a pergola, a gazebo, or even an awning. They make this space more comfortable by providing shade and protection from the sun and rain. With weather protection, you can enjoy your dock even on the hottest summer days or during light rain.

By incorporating features such as lighting, water, and electric supplies, benches and seating, and weather protection, you can not only improve the functionality and aesthetics of your dock but also increase the value of your waterfront property. So, whether you're building a new dock or upgrading an existing one, ask your dock builder about these options to transform this outdoor space.

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