Keeping Your Family Safe During Home Construction

2 Signs That Your Home Needs New Insulation

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If you moved into a home that already had insulation in the walls, you might have thought that you are fine and will not have to worry about that type of renovation. However, most insulation types do not last forever and since you might not know when the insulation was put in, you need to know what signs to look for when it comes to the need for new insulation. After all, the insulation in your walls could be as old as the house itself. Take a moment to review the following signs that your home is in need of an insulation renovation. Trouble...

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Fuel Tank Rentals Save Money In The Long Term

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A frugal contractor always looks for ways to save money. Common sense dictates that purchasing equipment saves more money than renting, but this is not always the case for equipment like fuel tanks. In fact, renting a fuel tank can save much more money over time than buying one. Most construction companies and contractors searching for fuel tanks only require tanks for project-based uses, so the need for a tank is only temporary. In these cases, the advantages of renting a tank are highest. Rather than spending a large sum to purchase a tank,...

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Give Your Kids A Fabulous Country Playscape

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If you live in a secluded country house, you might have chosen that location because you wanted your children to have adventures away from the hustle and bustle of city or suburban life. One of the drawbacks might be that you are far away from friends with whom they can have play dates. In addition, you probably aren’t close to fast food restaurants with playground facilities where your children can meet with other kids. A great solution to enhance country living and to provide a wonderful play space for your children and invited...

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Trash Vs Recyclables: Learning How To Sort Your Waste

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Thanks to the many advancements in technology over the last decade, it is now possible to recycle more of your household waste than ever before. Unfortunately, far too many people are simply unaware of what items can be placed in their recycling bin rather than their garbage can. As a result, local landfills are quickly filling up with items that could have been recycled. Taking a moment to learn more about what you can and cannot recycle will allow you to effectively sort your waste and become part of the solution to this global problem....

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How To Get Paint Off A Fence

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A fence that has paint peeling off of it isn’t very attractive. Naturally, painting an old fence can add to the overall appearance on your property. Probably the least pleasant part of refurbishing a fence is having to remove old paint prior to new paint being applied. A methodical approach can help to make the work a bit less laborious. Using some standard tools, and a good amount of elbow grease, you will be able to scrape, brush and sand away the older paint until your fence is smooth and ready for its new paint. What You Will Need...

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Getting A Rooftop Garden Might Be The Best Business Move You Make All Year

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You may be cutting down on your heating bill, separating your recycling from your garbage, and even composting your food scraps in the backyard, but there are still more ways to cut down on your carbon footprint. One very effective method of doing this is by getting a green roof, also called a rooftop garden, on your flat roof. Green roofing is the perfect, low-maintenance way to cool your building, increase air quality and beautify your business, all naturally on your flat roof.  What Goes Into Building One A rooftop garden requires...

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Want To Renew Your Floors? Try Polished Concrete

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Dig down below a laminate, tile, or hardwood floor – really, almost any floor – and you’ll probably find concrete. But recently, concrete has begun to come into its own as a flooring material, not just a slab to be hidden below other materials. Concrete is easy to clean and maintain, reduces allergy and mold problems, and is made to last an extremely long time. You probably already have the material below your current flooring. And far from looking like the surface of a sidewalk, polished concrete is an attractive flooring with...

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The Three Best Ways To Restore Your Damaged Gutters For 2015

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Gutters are prone to rusting and can also become detached from the home. Regardless of the problem, the gutters will need to be fixed because they will otherwise cause problems with the roof or basement foundation. If you notice bubbling paint or rust underneath the gutters, this is often a sign that the gutters are damaged. Stains on the underside of the eaves is a common sign that the gutters are damaged. Also, get on a ladder and lift the roof tiles to expose damage that you would otherwise not see. The sooner you identify the source of...

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Why Your Business Is Failing

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Statistics show that about 8 out of 10 businesses fail. While these numbers are alarming, they can also be an eye opener for business owners. By understanding the factors that can bring a business down, you can do your best at effectively building your business up for success. Most businesses that start up are small businesses. This means there are not many employees and the company is usually owned by one or two owners. Small businesses are much more likely to fail than larger businesses because they have shallower pockets and less...

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3 Things To Look For When Buying Lumber For Your Framing Project

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Completing a home remodel often requires you to frame in new areas of your home. While it can be easy to assume that all wood is created equal, the lumber you use for your framing project should meet some very specific criteria. Here are 3 things you should be looking for as you purchase lumber for your future framing projects. 1. Moisture Content Softwoods like pine or cypress are commonly used as framing materials because they are affordable. Because these woods are naturally more porous, they can absorb higher levels of water than their...

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