Creating A Safe Area For Your Commercial Pool Deck

For businesses that operate commercial pools, the deck around it can be one of the more hazardous areas on the property. Luckily, there are design considerations that can be an effective tool for mitigating these potential safety threats with your property's pool.

Allow Plenty Of Space Between Lounge Chairs And The Edge Of The Pool

It is likely that your business's pool area may be one of the more popular and crowded areas on the premises. To mitigate the risk of individuals tripping or even accidentally being pushed into the pool, there will need to be ample space between any lounge chairs that are around the pool and the edge of the water. Ideally, this space should be large enough for at least two people to comfortably walk through without having to get excessively close to the edge of the pool.

Installing Safety Surfacing Over The Entire Pool Deck Area 

Slipping and falling can be among the more common accidents that may occur around the perimeter of the pool. These areas can become extremely wet, which can lead to them becoming slippery. The installation of safety surfacing is one option for mitigating both the risk of individuals slipping on the wet decking and the risk of serious injury occurring. This is due to the reality that safety surfaces for the pool's deck can be made to provide exceptional traction regardless of whether the surface is wet. In the event that someone does slip and fall, pool deck safety surfaces are often made of thick rubber or other materials that can act to cushion these falls.

Provide Ample Illumination Of The Pool And The Surrounding Areas

The lighting for the pool deck area is another consideration that will have to be weighed. Poor lighting around the pool deck can lead to individuals being at a far greater risk of experiencing an accident. Unfortunately, accidents that occur due to there not being enough light can lead to the business that operates the pool facing legal challenges or claims. For the most effective results, you should make sure that there is ample lighting on the deck area as well as the pool itself. By installing LED strip lighting or other options along the edge of the pool, you can make it less likely that people will fail to notice this boundary. While the pool will require extensive lighting to create a safe place that people can comfortably use, LED systems can meet these lighting needs while also reducing the amount of power that is required.

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