When Do You Need Excavation Services and What's the Cost?

If you're building a new home, one thing you'll often see on the site is an excavator. The general contract usually contracts an excavation service provider to clear the ground, move earth, remove topsoil, dig trenches and prepare the land for below-ground activities. 

Some established general contractors have their excavators to work with, but most hire or subcontract when the need arises. Most of the excavation jobs take a few hours to a few days to complete making it economical to contract rather than buy the machinery. Before hiring an excavation service provider, the general contractor has to source other contractors, analyze various aspects of the soil, get quotes for the job, and understand which equipment they need for the job. 

Sometimes, the general contractor calls in the grading and excavating contractor to discuss the different aspects of the project and survey the land. 

What Projects Can an Excavator Perform?

The most apparent task an excavator carries out is preparing land for the new construction. The equipment clears bushes, digs trenches, levels the ground, and removes any obstacles such as trees, boulders, logs, or roots. 

Before the project starts, the excavation service provider works with other experts such as the general contractor to acquire the required local government permits. The excavator can also demolish existing structures and backfill trenches when the foundation is set. 

How Much Does Excavation Services Cost? 

The cost largely depends on the project's complexity, size, and duration it will take to complete. Also, the type of excavation equipment needed may determine the cost. You might have to use excavators together with a bulldozer, backhoe, and a blade for some projects. The size of the excavator depends on the complexity and size of the project. 

Larger projects will require a more powerful excavator. For instance, if you need to move huge boulders or even a steep slope, you'll use a more powerful excavator and use more time, costing more. House demolition costs can range between $3,000–$8,000 while digging out the basement might cost $10,000–$25,000. The excavation service is typically included in the overall cost of building the house. 

If you require landscaping services, you can still contract the excavation service provider to clear the ground and make way for trees, shrubs, and other plants. The service provider will work together with landscaping designers or architects to create the required effect. They can also give you a more accurate quote for the excavation project.