4 Commercial Pool Deck Surface Tips to Create a Safer Pool Area

During the summer, the pool of your business can be a great place for fun, but there are also hazards that you want to keep to a minimum and prevent accidents. Start the improvements to your commercial pool area with a good deck surface that will prevent falls around the pool that can lead to serious injuries. The following tips will help you create a safer pool deck surfacing for the summer events you are planning this year.

1. Ensure Your Pool Deck Surface Has Good Drainage to Keep It Safe

Puddles of water can cause several hazards on commercial pool deck surfaces. you're likely well aware that standing water can cause slip and fall hazards that cause injury. Standing water can also attract pests like bees, which can be an unpleasant experience around a pool. Therefore, it is important that your commercial pool deck surfacing includes a good drainage system to prevent problems with standing water and keep your pool area safe.

2. Use Soft Porous Decking Materials and Add Color

Often, pool deck areas are pavements that are made of concrete or other hard materials, which can cause injury when you fall, as well as get slippery when they get wet. Therefore, for your commercial pool deck surface, you should consider porous pavement alternatives to the conventional concrete materials. These porous pavement materials also give you the benefit of being available in many colors to add custom designs to your pool area.

3. Use Safer Locking Drain Caps and Skimmer Lids

The grates on drains and tops of skimmers can be a danger if they are not secure and come loose. This is why all the tops and grates around your pool should have locking-mechanisms to keep the pool deck surface safe and reduce hazards that can cause serious injury to guests.

4. Reduce Heat with Neutral Colors and Add Shade 

During the summer months, the heat of the surface of your pool deck can get too hot and be dangerous. Therefore, you want to try to use neutral colors that do not get too hot during summer weather. You can also add canopy areas, umbrellas, and features to the pool deck area that provide shade and keep areas of deck surface cool during the summer heat.

These are some tips that will help you create a safer area for your pool with the right pool deck surfacing. If you are ready to start these improvements before you start your summer poolside events, contact a commercial pool deck service and talk to them about some of these solutions for your pool areas.