Cool Projects You Can Do With Old Window Frames

If you have decided to replace your windows yourself or have them replaced by professionals, you are going to be left with an old window that you need to dispose of. If the wood for the frame is still in relatively good condition, it might seem like a waste to get rid of it. Here are some cool projects that you can do with the old wooden frames from your recently replaced windows.

1. Use the Frame as a Frame for Art

If the panes of your window are large and the frame pieces in the middle are relatively small, then you can use your old windows as a frame for a piece of artwork. All you have to do is clean off the glass if you've chosen to leave it in the frame so that there aren't any smudges on it and then attach the artwork to the window frame. Conversely, you could also hang the art on the wall normally and then simply hang the old window in front of it so that it looked as though it were framing the art. This technique is best for posters or other pieces of art that are prints but not canvas prints.

2. Use the Frame as a Chalkboard

If you have a window frame that has a large number of small panes of glass still in it, then you can always take chalkboard paint to paint over the panes. This will turn the panes of glass into mini chalkboards that are fully functional. Once the paint dries, paint the name of each member of your family into the corner of each of the panes. Then, attach pieces of chalk with a string to the board. This will give your family a great space to post when they are going to be home for the day and whether or not they are going to be home for dinner. The best place to hang such a craft project would be the kitchen or any other room on the first floor of your house.

3. Add an Indoor Window Box

Finally, consider adding hanging the frame as it is on the wall. Then, attach a lightweight window box to the bottom and fill it with low-maintenance flowers or fake flowers. This will give the charming, unusual appearance of an indoor window with a window box.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in windows, such as J & J Aluminum & Vinyl Products.