How To Install Fence Posts In Soil

The hardest and most important part of installing a fence is the post installation. This is especially true when it comes to installing posts in soil. If the posts are not properly installed, your fence will not be very stable or long lasting. This article explains how to properly install fence posts into soil using concrete footings. This technique can be used for all types of fences.

Dig the Hole

The key to digging the hole is to make keep it narrow. This is why it is a good idea to invest in a post digging shovel. These are long and narrow, so you can get deep, without having to dig an unnecessarily wide hole. In general, your hole should be about a third as deep as the height of the fence post. So, for a 6' tall fence post you will want at least 2' below the soil. Of course, the deeper you set the post, the stronger it will be. So, you might want to base your decision on the hardness and density of your soil. Once the hole is dug, you need to tamp down the sides and bottom very well. You want to harden the sidewalls of the hole so they do not crumble in once you pour in the concrete.

Setting the Post with Concrete

This next step is definitely a two-man job. One person needs to hold the post in place, while using a level to keep it straight. The other person can then pour in the concrete. The key is to pour the concrete mix and water directly into the hole separately, before mixing them. Use ready-mix concrete and follow the instructions on the bag for how much water to use. You can use a stick to mix the concrete and water as it settles around the post.

Don't fill the concrete all the way to the top of the soil. Leave a few inches so you can cover the footing with sod. All the while you should be constantly checking the levelness of the post. You can use scrap plywood to prop up the post and ensure that it stays level as the concrete dries. It will take at least 2 days for the footing to dry completely before you can install the rest of the fence.

Installing the rest of the fence goes by much quicker than installation of the posts. For professional help, contact companies like Priority Chain Link Ltd.