Information To Gather Before Renting A Crane

Having access to a crane can make many construction jobs easier. If you don't want to invest in the purchase of a crane, then renting these large pieces of equipment could be a viable solution.

To ensure that you are getting access to the crane that is best suited to meet your construction needs, here are three pieces of information you should have ready as you attempt to rent a crane in the future.

1. The route the crane must travel in order to arrive at your job site.

Transporting a crane requires special skill and attention. Since cranes are such large pieces of equipment, the government will often require special permits in order to travel along municipal roadways and highways.

Before you invest in the rental of a crane for your construction project, it's essential that you take the time to map out the route the crane will be taking to arrive at your job site. This information will allow you to work with the rental company to secure the permits and pilot cars necessary to legally transport the crane to your construction site in the future.

2. The layout of your job site.

When renting a crane from an equipment rental company, you may be asked to provide information about the layout of your job site. Since a crane requires a significant amount of space to set up and operate, it's essential that your job site provides enough room for the crane to operate safely. If you are completing a construction project in close proximity to another landowner's property line, you may find that the optimal place to set up the crane is on the neighboring property.

Special permission from the landowner will be required before the rental company will allow you to place their crane on private property. Knowing if you will need a landowner's permission prior to renting a crane will help you streamline the rental process in the future.

3. Information on the loads the crane will be carrying.

To ensure that you rent the right crane for your construction project, it's essential that you have information on the loads you will be transporting using your rented crane. Based on the weight and length of the loads, you can determine the size of crane required to safely complete the job using a crane calculator.

This information will ensure the safety of your crew, and provide you with access to a crane that is powerful enough to meet your needs.

Renting a crane can be a convenient way to access the equipment needed for your next construction project. Be sure that you arm yourself with the right information before renting a crane, and your rental experience will be a positive one.

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