4 Ways To Maximize The Space During Your Small Bathroom Remodeling Project

No remodeling project that doesn't include breaking down walls is going to turn a small bathroom into a large one. However, you can make a small bathroom feel larger with the right placement.

Place The Sink In The Corner

One of the best ways to make use of the space in your bathroom is to place the sink in the corner. This is a great way to make use of an area of the bathroom that is often underutilized. And in a small bathroom, you really can't waste any space. Placing the sink in the corner allows you to make use of that space while installing a bathroom necessity at the same time.

Install Rounded Countertops

Install countertops with rounded corners. This will make your small space feel less harsh. It will also make your small space a little safer. If you run into the edge of the counter, it will not hurt as much as it would with square corners.

Hang Up A Rounded Vanity Mirror

You should also hang up a rounded vanity mirror. It will give your small bathroom a touch of elegance. A rounded vanity mirror will also make your space feel larger. A square mirror sometimes highlights the size of your space; whereas, a rounded mirror is not as defined and can make your space feel a little larger.

Extend Your Countertop

With your sink in the corner, you should have more space in your bathroom. Use that space to extend your countertop all the way to where your toilet is. Try to make your countertop as long as possible to make use of your space. Install cabinets under your countertop in order to maximize storage space.

Get Rid Of The Shower Door

Finally, if your small bathroom also has a shower in it, forgo the shower door when you remodel your bathroom. Not having to open and close a shower door will increase the space in your bathroom. You can keep the shower open instead, or you can install a shower curtain. If you decide to go with a shower curtain, make sure that you keep it colorful and bright in order to make your small space feel more inviting and large.

You don't have to break down walls to make your small bathroom feel larger; you just have to be strategic with your remodel. Put the sink in the corner and extend your countertop. Go rounded when you can instead of square for a more gentle and expansive feeling. Finally, ditch the shower door and open up your small space even more. 

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