Three Ways To Ensure Your Modular Home Is Attractive And Unique

Modular homes have a lot of advantages when it comes to building speed and price. But, perhaps because they are often advertised as a money-saving option, few people associate modular homes with beautiful design.

In fact, you've probably seen some attractive modular homes already. However, because they didn't look "cookie-cutter," you didn't associate them with pre-built housing. And there's no guarantee that the row of identical homes in a new subdivision, all looking like they rolled off an assembly line, are actually modular homes. In fact, if they look the same, it's quite likely that they aren't modular; one of the unsung advantages of modular housing is the design possibilities.

So how can you get a modular home that's attractive and unique?

Bring Exterior Design Examples

When you discuss your modular home plans with a builder, bring in some examples of the type of home you're interested in. Modular homes don't have to be modern suburban vinyl-sided buildings; there are modular log cabins, Victorian cottages, and Tudor homes, so don't consider any style off limits.

If you don't have a sense of what architectural style of home you want, consider taking a drive through your area and photographing the homes you like best or even just browsing attractive homes online; then bring these to your builder and discuss the common styles and features with him or her. The builder can then recommend styles based on these common threads.

Take Control Of Your Floor Plan

Modular homes are incredibly customizable. It's possible, and easiest, to choose from existing floor plans. However, if you want something truly unique, then you'll want to take advantage of the fact that you can create a custom floor plan. Choosing and arranging the rooms in your new home lets you focus on what's important to you: perhaps you want a spacious living room but only a small kitchen as you hate to cook, or perhaps you want to make sure there's a full bathroom on every floor since stairs are hard on your knees.

If you don't feel you have the expertise to put together a custom floor plan yourself but don't want to simply select a plan from a catalog, this is a great time to involve the builder again – or even to hire an architect.

Hire An Architect

It's difficult to overstate the effect an architect can have on the design of a modular home; after all, they're professionals whose entire careers are in building design. While it will add to the expense of your project, working with an architect brings the design of your home to a different level. From exterior style to floor and even individual room plans, an architect can translate your requirements and desires into a beautiful and functional design. For more information, contact a company like Roca Modular Homes.