Buying Live Chicks Online: Tips For Shipment

There are a few reasons why you might choose to buy poultry online and have baby chicks mailed to your house. For one, there is a greater variety of poultry to choose from than you might find nearby. Actually, there might not be a local place to buy chicks without having to take a long drive. If you decide to have chicks mailed to you, here is some information you should know and what you should expect from the company.

Choose a Company Close to You

You don't want those baby chicks in the mail for a long period of time. Research poultry companies that are closest to you for the shortest shipping time. Some companies have farms in several places around the country. While the main business is somewhere far from your home, they might ship chicks from a location closer to you. If you want a specific breed of poultry and can only find it at a location that is far away, you can still order them. The risk is just greater, and you should make sure to take that into consideration when ordering. Order a few extra chicks just in case.

Make Sure the Company Uses the Correct Packaging

Couriers won't let anyone ship live animals until they are enclosed in approved boxes. Just because the company tosses chicks inside an approved box doesn't mean it's the correct box for your poultry. There are many types of boxes designed for specific birds and numbers of birds. A box for a few chickens is different than a box for a few dozen goslings. Smaller numbers of birds need dividers and something soft to lower the risk of jostling them about. They also need something for warmth. Larger numbers of birds need a box with a greater number of filtered air holes.

Research the companies to make sure that they use the correct packaging for the poultry you wish to buy.

Choose a Company With a Good Refund Policy

These are live animals that are often shipped the same day they are born. They are placed in boxes and handed to the courier for delivery. Chances are high that some of the chicks won't survive the ordeal. This should be expected, but also shouldn't be the norm. It's not the courier's fault if some chicks die so you have to go to the company that shipped the chicks. A good company will offer a refund or replacement for lost chicks. The best will allow a couple days to make sure sick birds get better before refusing a refund. An even better company will toss in a few extra birds just in case.

As long as the company takes the correct precautions and you do your research, your new chicks will arrive at your home lively peeping.

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