Increase Your Home's Value by Finishing Your Attic

If you want to improve your home's value for selling it, you should start with spaces that aren't used often. You might not use your attic for much more than holiday storage, but this space can be finished and converted to a small room. Consider what a potential homeowner can use a finished attic for. Here are some tips for finishing the attic into a bonus room.

Have the Attic Inspected

Before you start working on the design and layout of your attic, have it inspected by a contractor to make sure it can be turned into a bonus room. They will inspect it for potential damage, make sure it has adequate insulation and ventilation, and give you more information on building codes. A contractor can also let you know if the ceiling would be high enough for a room or if you should convert it into a storage space instead.

Turn It into a Storage Space

A finished attic doesn't always have to be an extra room someone lives in; it can also be converted into a storage space. Home buyers would much prefer to buy a home with a finished attic used for storage, as opposed to one that is not finished and might smell of mildew and look unappealing. Create a functional storage space if the attic is sloped and too small to be a room. Add some outlets in case they need lighting when looking through their boxes. Add some built-in cabinets and shelves as well.

Choose Your Lighting

Speaking of lighting, you should also consider what would work best in the attic. After adding the necessary outlets, consider the layout of the attic when choosing your lighting. If it has a window, there will be ample natural lighting. You want the lighting to be even around the room, with light distributed around all sides of the space. If you are turning it into a storage room, you want a good amount of lighting. The same goes for an attic that might be someone's office. However, if you want to turn it into a small bedroom, you won't need quite as much lighting in the attic.

Add Soundproofing

The problem with an attic bedroom is that it can cause a lot of noise for the rest of the house when someone is walking around on the floors. You can remedy this by soundproofing the floors. There are a few different ways to add soundproofing to an attic. The first way is by using a thick foam pad and thick carpeting on the floors. You should never use hardwood or tile flooring on upstairs levels or attics since it makes too much noise. You can also add a fiberglass insulation level before the subfloor for even better soundproofing. For assistance, talk to a professional like Superior Buildings & Design Ltd.