Give Your Kids A Fabulous Country Playscape

If you live in a secluded country house, you might have chosen that location because you wanted your children to have adventures away from the hustle and bustle of city or suburban life. One of the drawbacks might be that you are far away from friends with whom they can have play dates. In addition, you probably aren't close to fast food restaurants with playground facilities where your children can meet with other kids. A great solution to enhance country living and to provide a wonderful play space for your children and invited friends is to hire contractors (such as Island Asphalt Co paving) to create a playscape around your home.

The Central Points - Check out library books and browse through magazines that offer ideas for play areas. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

  • A central focal point right by your home is a good place to establish the main part of the playscape. Have the workers create a huge area where lots of activities can take place. This area could even have a basketball setup which can be adjusted to different heights. Make it wide enough for a volleyball net, too. Of course, if you're really ambitious, you could make it large enough for tennis!
  • Just to add interest to the play area, consider having some smaller spots paved, too. A fun detail would be to have a hopscotch pattern painted on one spot, while another spot could have a pattern for large chess and checker game pieces. Another area could have a tic-tac-toe pattern on it. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Take Advantage Of Your Acreage - Encourage exploration! When you meet with the planners at the paving company, let them know that this might be one of the most unusual jobs they will even work on.

  • Establish pathways that go through your acreage in a winding manner so that your children can take bike rides or simply hike the area. 
  • Along the pathways, have little stations where children can stop to play. One area could have a little play house, another area where there are trees would be perfect for a tree house or a fort, and yet another area could simply have a picnic area with outdoor furniture.
  • Encourage your children to take walkie talkies or cell phones with them, just in case they need to reach you.

While you're at it, consider having your driveway extended and include a circular driveway. This won't just be convenient for you and for guests who drive to your home, but it will allow the kids to have additional play space. Don't forget to buy sidewalk chalk!

Congratulations on planning an amazing place for your children to build their memories.