The Three Best Ways To Restore Your Damaged Gutters For 2015

Gutters are prone to rusting and can also become detached from the home. Regardless of the problem, the gutters will need to be fixed because they will otherwise cause problems with the roof or basement foundation.

If you notice bubbling paint or rust underneath the gutters, this is often a sign that the gutters are damaged. Stains on the underside of the eaves is a common sign that the gutters are damaged. Also, get on a ladder and lift the roof tiles to expose damage that you would otherwise not see. The sooner you identify the source of the gutter problem and correct it, the less damage your property will suffer.

Correcting the Problem with Sealants

Small amounts of damage usually need to be patched up with tape or silicone sealants. Prior to adding the sealant, use caulk remover. This is a product that you apply to make the caulk softer so that it is easier to remove. After slicing and chipping away the caulk, scrub the area clean and allow it to dry.

Silicone sealants are among the best options for patching up holes. These sealants are able to last longer than most other materials when exposed to sunlight and moisture. Before applying the sealant, you will need to use sandpaper to rough up the surface. Then, the caulk should be applied in a straight line across the hole to be patched. Use a screwdriver to push the caulk into place.

Replacing Valley and Box Gutters

One of the worst gutter problems is a rusting box gutter. The box gutter is a wooden channel that has metal lining. The seams can rust, which can cause openings that cause water to flow to and leak through the ceiling. The rusted portions of the valley or box gutter should be replaced and the flashing needs to be removed from the mortar. It is best to have the gutter replaced by a professional because it will need to be installed properly to carry water away from the roof properly.

Adding Fascia Hanger Brackets

It used to be common to hang gutters with spikes, but it is aggravating to have to regularly pound the spikes back in. A better option is to install fascia hanger brackets. The bracket needs to be hooked under the front lip of the gutter. Also, the spikes should be left behind because they look better than a hole.

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